Wednesday 20 October, is Thank Your Cleaner Day

This short video is to send a special thanks today for the important work our more than 3,500 cleaners do everyday: keeping spaces and places clean and safe for the community across Australia and New Zealand. THANKS!

Thursday 9 September is RU OK? Day

This week we’re sharing this video with all of our team as a reminder of how a simple question and a conversation could change a life.

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Millennium New Zealand business profile

16 August 2021

This month, Business View Oceania Magazine published a profile of our New Zealand business following an interview with  Jared O’Neill, National Operations Manager at Millennium New Zealand.

Jared provides his unique insight into the NZ Millennium overall mission, continued evolution, core values and operations throughout the country. He explains that Millennium New Zealand is committed to providing services of the highest quality to every client, every time, and that this approach has assisted the company in marketing and overall growth. “In the context of internationally, we are still in a very small market. …..when you are a small to medium sized organisation like ourselves, (in the NZ market) you compete with companies three or four times the size. At the moment, we are solely based around the opportunity to deliver a good service to customers.”

You can read the full article here.

ASX results announcement

Millennium (MIL) FY21 Full Year Financial Results

16 August 2021

For the FY21 year, Millennium reported underlying revenue of  $275.5 million, up 7% from FY20.   CEO, Scott Alomes said: “We are pleased to announce these very impressive results for the FY21 year despite the challenging operating environment due to the ongoing pandemic.

“Throughout FY21, we continued to provide excellent customer service through our very experienced and hardworking staff and we continue to capture market opportunities created via COVID-19 related adhoc services and project work. I am extremely proud of the role our team is playing providing services on the frontline, helping keep places and spaces clean and safe for our clients and the community, ” Scott said.

You can read the full detail of the results here.

news covid jab

Vaccination Incentive Program

30 JULY 2021

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, protect ourselves and our families and loved ones and to avoid lockdowns, we are encouraging team members to get vaccinated.

In July 2021 we launched an employee incentive program offering significant shopping voucher prizes across three prize draws between September and December for team members who are fully vaccinated. 

news multicultural

According to the June 2021 survey, the top languages spoken at home (apart from English) by Millennium team members were:
›  Nepali
›  Hindi
›  Filipino
›  Punjabi
›  Sinhali

Multicultural Millennium

2 JULY 2021

Our diversity is something we celebrate because we know that Australia is a diverse country and in order to understand and serve our clients and Australian communities, we want to reflect them in our workforce.

In June we ran a team member survey asking our people what language they preferred to speak at home, apart from English, and more than 1,000 people responded.

One of the drivers for understanding preferred languages is to ensure effectiveness of communications. We also asked team members if they wanted information provided to them at work in languages other than English, and 5% said they would prefer information be translated into languages other than English.

AND for website

Australian Network on Disability

15 JUNE 2021

With one in five people in Australia having some form of disability, we know it is important we work to advance access and inclusion of people with disabilities.
As an employer, we want everyone who works for us to have the right environment so they can participate fully and do their best. As a service provider, we want to be proactive and thinking about the needs of people with disabilities in the spaces we work in.
As a gold member of the Australian Network on Disability we now have access to excellent tools and resources to help us do this.