Millennium Services Group outlines technology innovation in Business Chief and Gigabit magazines

In this month’s Business Chief ANZ and Gigabit magazines, published by BizClik Media, Millennium Services Group’s Chief Information Officer David Benjamin discusses the company’s innovation journey in greater detail.

The business, which offers cleaning and security services, is currently focused on cost, consolidation and stability – all of which, says Benjamin, are underpinned by new and innovative technology solutions. These, Benjamin tells the publications, include migrating Millennium’s networks to a new cloud-based platform that has resulted in significant cost savings, and the purchasing of 25 robot cleaners.

The latter, he explains, “play a key part in removing that dependency and giving us greater traction where large floor areas need to be cleaned. This leaves our staff free to do the more specialised cleaning that the robots can’t do, such as glass or window sills.”

Benjamin tells Business Chief and Gigabit magazines that the company has formed like-minded partnerships with innovative businesses, which have further aided Millenium’s successful growth. The result of this, he explains, is that the company has been able to give technology a seat at the table.

Says Benjamin: “Engaging technology earlier helps avoid missed opportunities; other potential solutions can be put forward, or a service can be delivered more efficiently. I like to establish connections with my peers within our client organisations because for me to do my job well, and to do it better, I need to understand what they need from the services they contract with us. It’s our goal to focus more on this over the next 12 months. We’re a cleaning and security company, but we have the potential to become more than that by widening our core service offering to include technology.”

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